Bone scans are cool... mmmkay

Scott's scan went relatively well, all things considered. He didn't puke, only hit his head once and didn't put himself into a drug induced coma. A successful day around these parts.

Yes, I took pictures. What of if? The tech only looked at me strangely for a moment before telling me to go right ahead.

The machine is totally open, makes no noise and the images are immediately transferred to the screen.

Unfortunately, it didn't take a rocket scientist (or trained radiologist) to tell that there were definite areas of concerns. We will get a full report tomorrow from the doctors but I left there convinced that Scott does indeed have osteomyelitis.

The scan process is pretty cool. You go in for the first run where they inject the nuclear dye and image the "areas of concerns". That takes about 30 minutes. Then you're free to roam the world, basking in your nuclear glow. Returning in two hours for the second scan. The second scan takes about an hour. They go over the "areas of concern" and they do a whole body scan.
Watching Scott slowly slide through the machine and having every bone in his body slowly build on screen until he's a perfect skeleton... hella cool!

Scott and I left the hospital with our two hour window, we get enough time in hospitals. We went around some of the neighboring towns playing Santa and delivering treats to doorsteps of some dear friends. It was a nice way to spend some holiday time. No dwelling on the possibilities for us. There is only time to embrace life and give to those that give so much to us. I wish we could have driven to the home of every person we know, leaving yummy cookies in our wake, spreading the holiday cheer.

Outside the hospital today, I took the photo I posted on the other blog
In an otherwise cloudy, gloomy day the bright sun came out to greet us as we left. We may have gotten more crappy (unconfirmed) news but the world is still a beautiful place.

Lots and lots of presents to wrap still. If you don't see me by Tuesday send help.

BigDan  – (December 23, 2010 at 7:47 AM)  

I could make the diagnosis from yuor photo. Ever think of going into diagnostic imaging?

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