Good heavens! Help me!

You see this beautiful little girl?

There used to be a picture of my daughter here. In this very space. But now it's been removed because there are skeevy disgusting people in the world that google things like "beautiful little girl" and "beautiful girl with mouth open" and then proceed to download pictures of my kid.
To the people making these inquiries... You disgust me. I realize you are probably sick in the head but seriously. My daughter is 3. Get a hooker. Look at legal woman and stop looking a photos of my daughter.

She is bringing her A game this Christmas.
The only thing she has repeatedly requested from Santa is a puppy. Specifically, a cute, cuddly, white puppy that she will name "Princess. Well really Princess Ariel but we just call her Princess."

So the other day while driving she and I have the following exchange.

Kate - "Mom, can we um... can we run in the snow? Like and not get in trouble or anything?"
Me - "Sure K, running in the snow is fun! It's harder to run in the snow than on the grass. I'll take you out and show you."
Kate - "Ok."

2 minute pause

Kate - "Mom, when Santa bring me my cuddly puppy that I name Princess. Um member, she white and cuddly and her snuggle me and lick me. When Santa bring her to me can we um.. pease, can I... may I um... Pease I go outside wif Princess and I run in the snow and Princess her chase me in the snow. Then she catch me and nibble my feets but not hard just playin'. Den we come inside and her snuggle wif me and we have hot chocolate. Dat ok Mom? Can we do dat pease?"

Took all my strength to not find the closest pet shop and buy her a dog.

If you all could form some kind of group and take turns emailing me, texting me and calling me with all the reasons we do NOT need a dog in the house I would really appreciate it. Just from now until Christmas and one reminder every couple hours should be effective. I would really appreciate it.

Scott started off rough, had a good day while I was gone (Mom and Dad stayed with Scott and Kate) and now is running a really high fever again and feeling horrible. Hmmm... me thinks I should be gone more.
Guess it's time to call the doctor again.

Anonymous –   – (December 8, 2010 at 9:32 PM)  

I could give you a 1000 reasons not to have a dog but your kid is too damn cute! Santa should bring her a nice white cuddly Puppy named Princess to play with her out in the snow--a perk is you can be inside where it is warm and not be the one outside running in the snow with her!

I would start questioning people pretty heavily as to who let her know how much fun puppies would be out in the snow--girl did her homework before asking for Princess--if you don't want to pull the trigger S4 and I will :0)

Nick  – (December 9, 2010 at 7:59 AM)  

Sorry...I'm definitely for getting the dog.

Anonymous –   – (December 9, 2010 at 8:23 AM)  

I love dogs. I especially love MY dog.

I still love my dog even after she puked on the brand new couch (the couch that took three months of marital negotiation to agree on and three more months delivery time) less than 24 hours after it was delivered. Oh and she puked on the loveseat too, but that was a few months later. It was, however, only moments before I plopped heavily down in it after 6 hours of housework.

Yep. I love my dog.


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