Giddy Up

I'm back in the saddle kids. Are you ready?
No crazy, sicko, pervs are going to keep this girl down.

It's full on holiday go time in this house.
A little tree trimming tonight. Our pour tree had about 60percent of the ornaments squished in a tiny 2'x1' section on the bottom. I bet you can guess who was responsible for that.
Kate loved all the ornaments and Scott and I enjoyed telling her some of the stories behind them.

You know it's holiday time in this house when National Lampoons Christmas Vacation has been viewed. Thanks to Mark and Jay'me for coming over and sharing in the fun.
That movie has some of the best lines of all time in it. It's my go-to movie to watch while I wrap presents. That and Home Alone.
Kate has been watching Home Alone with me. We laugh and laugh. It reminds me so much of watching the movie with my Grandpa Jake. It was his favorite. Having someone to laugh at it with again makes my heart swell. And well it makes the tears flood my eyes too.

For as long as Scott can remember the Simpson family has hosted (or co-hosted) a charity holiday party. Good food, good people and an abundance of donations for the needy and homeless. While getting to the event this year in a blizzard posed a few.. um... shall we say difficulties, it was totally worth it.
Kate and I happily shopped together. Picking out perfect gifts to fill stockings for two homeless people. It gave me a great opportunity to start teaching her about what this season really represents. Sharing with those less fortunate and spending time with family.

No family holiday preparations would be complete without some bowling.

Gather the family around.

Wear shoes that have had approximately 10,000 other feet in them.

Throw a little ball down a lane and smash things up.

It's almost as good as seeing the big man in red.


Nothing is really better than watching your kid walk right up to Santa and understand for the first time what she's supposed to be doing.

No tears, no drama just wonderment and hope.

Kate loved sharing Santa with her friend Brandon.

She just took under her wing and showed him the ropes.

Because at 3, she's a pro.

More shopping, holiday baking, gingerbread house building and present wrapping in store. Scott is feeling better and I'm just hoping that things stay that way.

Put on the hot apple cider, light the candles, turn up the Bing Crosby. This girl is getting ready.

Oh and in case you all want to get me something for Christmas. I put my wish in a post on the other blog. Go big. That's always my motto.

Colleen  – (December 15, 2010 at 9:11 AM)  

yay!!! cute pics of your girl. glad you are back : )

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