I'm sitting in the grassy lawn of the resort, beach just to our right. We're facing the Castle, waiting for the fireworks. My best girl, my poor sick (horrible cough) super trooper, father and my mother that was right on the monorail this morning.
The weather is finally gorgeous. Today as it hit 96 and we all melted, it was just too damn hot.
We made it at the Magic Kingdom until 3pm before Kate declared "its time to go home". We loved our breakfast with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and my mom's favorite, Eeyore.
I've only cried a few times today. Sitting at breakfast watching Kate grin from ear to ear meeting her "friends" I couldn't help but think of Scott. God, he would have loved this. Watching his girl, seeing what a wonderful young girl she's becoming.
I got a girl during that wonderful breakfast, the funeral home. Scott's memorial book is in, I can go pick it up anytime. I'm so glad that Mom had taken K to the potty. I couldn't hold in the tears. I just couldn't.

Fireworks have started, Scott is smiling (Kate told me she saw his smile in the moon above us). Time to enjoy my girl. I need to love her enough for both of us.

*Mobile blogging please forgive typos etc*

Kevin  – (May 10, 2011 at 10:06 PM)  

Sounds pretty magical. Scott is seeing it all, B. He ain't missing a thing. So keep getting your fun on.
Stay cool 96 in Florida is worse than no Starbucks. So i've heard. Cool tip: go see the 3d movie philharmagic in fantasy land when too hot. line is short and it's 20-30 minutes of AC. Haunted Mansion too if K isn't scared. We tell the girls that they are all Mickey's friends
Have fun

Jen  – (May 11, 2011 at 6:53 AM)  

Scott is right there with you watching Kate enjoy all the magical that is Walt Disney World. Keep enjoying the fun and making memories with your little girl!

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