"Rapture Regret"

So, you might have heard about this rapture thing that is supposedly happening tomorrow. I don't know much about it because in all honesty, I don't give a hoot. Different strokes for different folks.
My friend Amy (who like me, doesn't believe it will happen) posted a fun game of her FaceBook status tonight called "Rapture Regret". She asked everyone to post their biggest regret in life. I chuckled, like I usually do when I read something from Amy and thought how I really don't have many regrets.
My mind then flashed to a trip I took to Mazatlan Mexico just after my 18th birthday. I went with my Grams and her friend and spent some much needed time enjoying the sand, surf and getting some culture.
It was a very difficult time in my life (or so I thought at the time). My high school sweetheart Mike, along with most of my friends were getting ready to head off to college. I was staying behind with no real idea on what I was going to do with my life. Grams took me along to give me some perspective on life and help me open my eyes to the larger world around me.
It worked. I had a great time and came home with a much different attitude.
Anyways, back to the "Rapture Regret" game. On the way home from Mazatlan, I was traveling alone and had a lengthy lay over in Mexico City.
*um wait, Dad please stop reading now. Scroll down until you see the next * then you can read again. Ok? Thanks
I struck up a conversation with a very VERY hot guy that ended up being an LA police officer. We had a wonderful conversation where I lied my ass off and told him I was 22 among other things. Let's just say, my regret that I shared on Amy's facebook was that I was too much of an innocent, good girl to make the most of my Mexican lay over.

* Dad, you can now begin reading again.

After sharing the above story with everyone on Amy's FaceBook page I started thinking about if I had any serious regrets. If you've read this blog for very long you know Scott and I lived our lives with no regrets. Or we tried to at least. I do have just one real regret and maybe I've shared this here before but its on my mind so I'll risk sharing it twice.
The last time Scott asked me to dance with him I told him I was too busy. Dinner was on the stove and I couldn't be bothered. I didn't know he would be in a wheelchair a short time later and I didn't expect to have him gone 18 months after that.
I believe that there will always be something you regret in life. Something you did do or in my case, didn't do. I'm just really glad that I've only got two regrets that instantly come to my mind. And as it turns out there's only one of them that really matters.
So, I'm very interested in hearing "Rapture Regrets" from others. Care to share with me?

Forgive the typos, spelling errors, etc. I'm mobile blogging while my laptop does an entie system check, cleaning thing because I'm stupid and hit the wrong key on the start up. Le sigh.

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