Another Day, Another Trip to Rush

All is well with Scotty. Dr. Jacobs had nothing but good things to say. We removed a piece of suture that was slowing down the healing of his thigh incision and some necrotic tissue on the back of the calf. Good times! Back again in five weeks, we're just hoping he makes it that long.
We also got the all clear for Scott to travel. Dr. Jacobs recommended stopping every 45 minutes to reposition Scott's leg. I started having seizures thinking about the six hour trip to Iowa stopping every 45 minutes with a drama queen three year old. Mmmm... not so much fun.
We think with the assistance of my parents fully loaded, very comfy mini-van we'll be able to prop Scott up in the backseat with a movie on the DVD and only stop every 2-3 hours. We're hoping to take the maiden voyage next weekend to celebrate my cousin Jason's marriage to Chelsea. As with anything in the WWW I'll plan, prepare and make myself neurotic trying to decide if we should go right up until the last second.
Kate had a fantastic day at Grandma's. She covered Papa in stickers, 11 of them to be exact. Got to spend some time playing a unicorn game with Auntie Blue and Uncle Justin. She's been missing Uncle Justin terribly since he returned to work. Uncle Matty has been working on her guitar lessons and reports that my child can already play three cords. That's exactly three more cords than her mother will every play. She's only three and has already surpassed me. Sigh... it will only get worse from here.
The highlight of my day... the bratwurst from Hot Dougs that Kathy brought for us. Seriously, I know I've said it 100 times but, it's the best brat ever!
I must sleep now so I can dream of eating another brat. Farewell....

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