Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast

We spent the weekend fully embracing the prime days of summer.
By we, I mean Kate and I. Scott was fully embracing some serious summer air conditioning. As the temps soared well into the 90's with 100percent humidity it was certainly no place to have Scott. Rest assured though he was not left out of the summer fun.

Had a house full of people on Saturday. Eleven adults and seven children all hanging out in the backyard playing in the kiddie pool and going down the ginormous slide that Rob and Becky so graciously brought over.
The kids all seven of them were terrific.

Well, except for this one time for Brogan.

Oh and maybe this one time for Maddie.

And Savannah did yell at me once.

Then we fed their faces and magically, things got better.
Burger and dogs - hot off the grill. Fresh picked (as in came out of the field right by our house a measly 20 hours before we ate it) sweet corn, baked beans, fruit salad, a homemade chocolate cake in honor of S12's birthday and a french silk pie that would prove to add an extra size to my jeans.



playful faces emerged once again.

As did evidence of my daughters vanity.
I have no idea where she gets this from. Nope, no idea at all

And then something truly magical happened.

Picture this -
fireflies just coming out to play, the kids returning inside in search of dryer clothes or leaving with their mothers to find the comfort of their beds, the crickets chirping their evening song as the sun begins to set in a fiery blaze behind our big cottonwood tree.
Three friends emerged to toss a little football around. S12, Becky Jo and I alone with nothing but the sounds of summer. A wonderful summer moment, one I haven't had in so many years.

Rob came out to check in with his beloved wife and toss a few balls with us. There is no polite way to say what I witnessed when Rob threw the ball. It was tragic. It made the crap throws I had look like beautiful swans soaring through the air. Turns out that in 35 years Rob had never been able to properly learn the art of throwing a football.
Being the wonderful woman she is, Becky Jo gave him a 15 second pep talk and a few tips and wouldn't you know it, Rob threw that football at S12 like Brett Farve before Brett Farve sucked. Ok, bad analogy because Brett Farve has never not sucked but you get the idea.

Can we all gather around and give Rob a big pat on the back?

Magical summer nights. There can't be enough of them.

Alli  – (July 20, 2010 at 7:06 AM)  

ummm...did you seriously just knock Brett? You might need to start running away now. Yes, the kids are cute, and yes, the food rocked, and yes, it was a wonderful day to be with friends/family...but don't Ever knock Brett...unless you really want to see me cry.
Best time, wish all Saturdays could be filled with food, fun, friends, football...I can do without the 7:00 dip in the pool ;)...just kiddin' wish it would have been earlier when it was really hot out!

Scott  – (July 20, 2010 at 1:31 PM)  

The spiral coming out of Simpson's hand was a thing of beauty. Had a great time everyone.

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