An Update of Sorts

Found out late last night that apparently our werewitty2-yahoo account has some virus or has been hacked or some such computer shit.
Worked on figuring it out for a some time last night and was unsuccessful.
So, if we have your email and you're getting spam from that account, we apologize. Just make sure you don't open anything unless you're positive it is coming from Scott or I.

Any chance anyone knows anything about this sort of thing? The idea of spending hours on the phone with yahoo and or our service provider makes me twitch.

The email linked with the blog is safe and has not been corrupted (to the best of my knowledge). Feel free to use that email for now (

Sorry again to anyone who got SPAM'd.


In other news, all my ramblings about my Grams being fabulous and sending me the vanilla must have worked. She was released yesterday from the hospital in Houston and was safely home last night. Considering they told her release would be Thursday maybe even Friday, I think being home by Wednesday is AWESOME.
In all of Scott's hospitalizations we've never beaten a release date. I wasn't sure that type of thing was possible.
So thanks to all of you that read my craziness and had a positive thought for my Grams. It worked.
They even made it home before Hurricane Alex really got rolling. Thank goodness.

Well, there is a certain curly haired little girl that is up already (please pray for me). See you on the flip side.

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