Operation Do More

After day three of Kate and me being cranky and all kinds of "out of sorts" I decided it was time to "Do More".
I was planning on spending tomorrow in Iowa helping my cousin Scott and one of my bestest girlfriends that also happens to be his wife Saskija, move into their new home. Unfortunately the world had other plans. I didn't feel like Scott was well enough for me to be six hours away from home right now so I didn't go.
But I could tell that the Witt girls needed a little change in scenery. I said to hell with the nap and the "must-do" errands and packed yet another hasty, poorly planned bag and headed north.
Drove to the beautiful Milwaukee Zoo. Seriously, I grew up with Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and neither of them have anything on Milwaukee.
It's clean, it's shady, it's gorgeous. And from our house it's the same drive time without all the traffic.

Here's a little photo journey...
All around the park they have free peacocks. You'll catch them on pathways, in different exhibits, near the bathroom.

If you're really lucky like we were you'll even get to catch a Mama peacock with her new baby.

A harbor seal taking a cool bath on a hot day.

A smiling polar bear. One of Kate's favorites.

Some giraffes with their long necks.

A leopard that stalked back and forth. Boy, was I glad for that glass.

The tigers on the other hand were too busy playing Ring Around The Rosie to pay any attention to us.

Even the camel twins could have cared less about us.

This leopard didn't have a care in the world.

The vulture, on the other hand, wanted to eat us for lunch.

Brown bear, brown bear what do you see. "Shut up I'm sleeping."

"Well Kate what shall we do next?"

Ice Cream for everyone!

Nothing better on a warm sunny afternoon.
Except maybe a water mister....

Some beautiful scenery.

A few really hard decisions.

One disappointment(the carousel was broken)

A perfect day.

Tonight after K had taken her bath, we sat in the rocking chair in her room while I brushed her hair. Lights out, blinds pulled, fan blowing gently.
I asked K what her favorite part of the day was.
Her answer "Spending the day with you."

I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

The End.

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