Isn't this face absolutely adorable? Truly beautiful.

Now picture this face asking
"Mommy, what's a butthole?"

Yeah, go ahead and pass over the Mother of the Year Award again. I'm batting 1,000 this week.
As an aside, it's really hard to keep a straight face when your 3 year old uses the word butthole. I know, I know, I'm like a 15 year old boy.

In other news, this face is still sick. Woke up without a fever and over the course of the day the fever slowly kept building. I checked her about 15 minutes ago and it's back up to 104.3. Sigh... another night of keeping her temp under 105.
Sleep...???? Sleep....???? Where are you sleep...???

Had Scotty at an emergency trip to the general practitioner. He's developed a new complication. It's not life threatening but it definitely adds to the list of shitty side effects that we have to deal with every day. You know you're in trouble when the doctor looks at you and says "I've never seen anything like this. Wow!".

That's my husband, Circus Freak. His goal in life is to keep these doctors on their toes. He's really good at it.

It was a long day at the Witt house, needless to say. But, it was a good day. Kate's latest thing (besides the butthole inquisition) is asking...
"What's your special, favorite today?"
Which translates to - What was your favorite thing today?
She wants to know every persons favorite part of their day, listening intently and then "ooohhh's" and "aaaahhh's" over their answers.
How in the world did I get to be so blessed with such an amazing little soul?

Colleen  – (July 30, 2010 at 8:07 PM)  

She truly is a beautiful little girl!

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