The Kindness of Almost Strangers

I can admit it. I'm a cynic.
I move through life silently (or no so silently when in the comfort of a true friend) judging people.
A quick run to Walmart for milk at 10pm after Kate was in bed (back when I could do such things) would send me into an absolute frenzy.
So many small, tired, helpless children screaming from pure exhaustion while the parents picked up cigarettes and beer.
Having guys refuse to come off unemployment for three weeks to do a small job because "I make the same on unemployment so why should I work?"
These things would be just cause for me to spiral into a tirade of disgust focused on today society. Laziness, tardiness, disgrace, lack of a moral compass. UGH!
Don't even get me started on the saggy, baggy, ratty pants and what it says about today's "youth".

Lord knows I am not perfect and I should not judge. I do truly believe that it's not my place to judge but sometimes I just have to. There are probably people out there that would take aim at some part of my life, I accept that.

My point is, yes, I have a point, I'm not "in love" with society. There are people walking this planet that think that everyone is doing there best and working as hard as they can. I'm not one of these sunshiny people.

So sometimes I need a reminder that there are good strangers out there. It seems to always come to me in unique ways.
An e-mail from a very distant friend of Scott's offering to help that turns into a wonderful friend with an equally wonderful family to share with us.
A high school friend that was only a distant memory, sending messages of encouragement and love on the darkest of days.
Friendly neighbors that stop by our huge Memorial Day party and stay to chat even though we've never met.
Nurses that become friends and cook for us, drive hours for 3 consecutive days to do Scott's leg dressing so I can take a break, and become Aunts and Uncles to Kate.

And then the other day I got yet another reminder. We got this beautiful card in the mail.

Names have been blurred to protect the innocent

The card said exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. Somehow this neighbor that I don't know at all, managed to stand in Hallmark and pick out a card with such beautiful words that I, a total stranger, would cry when I read it.

Now that kids, once again restores my faith in humanity. There are wonderful, magical, lovely people out there, all over the world. I am mistaken to think that the only fantastic people in the world are already in my life. There are many, many more terrific people out there.

Here's to finding them and making them part of my world. Hey, I'm greedy, I want them all.

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