Stream of Consciousness

The last day of August. This year has flown by at such a ridiculous pace. I'm not quite ready for fall yet. I know it's coming, Starbucks has released their Pumpkin Spice Latte. It was 93 degrees outside today and while I had a hot coffee I just couldn't bring myself to have the pumpkin just yet.
I still need more beach time. And I'm still seeing these in the front walk.

There is only two of them left but they still exist.

And these

These were just sitting waiting for me in the McDonalds drive thru.

Wow, I sound like a fab eater. Starbucks and McDonalds in the same day.

Kate looked so cute in her hand knitted sweater from her great-grandma today.
She helped me pick out my spot for my post on the other blog. I couldn't resist taking some photos of her as she sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Telling that adorable face no is getting harder by the second. She uses every polite word and tactic to get what she wants. First words out her mouth this morning.
"Excuse me Mommy. I love you vewy much. I miss you while I sleeping. May I please have a puppy? I name her Princess and I help her go potty."
God, help me.

I'm dreading getting up at 4:30am tomorrow. My usual time of 5:30 is awful enough but 4:30 should be outlawed. I must do my best to not lose my cool in the morning and get all three of us out the door and headed down to Rush without incident.
I'm glad that we don't have too much to report to Dr. Jacobs tomorrow. There are a few things I need to remember to update him on but Scott's leg looks good, in a shitty, ground raw meat, tendony, kind of way.

I get Hot Doug's tomorrow. Kathy is the best ever. I'm already fantasizing about the delicious brat that I will devour in approximately 60 seconds. Mmmm... get in my belly.

Must now attempt sleep.

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