Getting lots of great response to the party. Getting crazy excited!

Scotty had his appointment with the infectious disease doctor this morning. It started off horribly with me wanting to smack the receptionist bitch upside her head and ended well, with a new found love.

Before I get into all the details of the appointment I'm going to give you all a free etiquette lesson.
If you are a normal, able bodied person that is sitting behind a desk filing your nails and listening to the Today show at a decibel level that would make Mick Jagger cringe and you are asked by a person in a wheelchair where the bathroom is do NOT sigh, roll your eyes, and mumble something about the bathroom being behind the closed, heavy, wood door. Do NOT continue to sit on your ever widening ass and grunt when the wheelchair bound person and his spouse attempt to juggle the door, push the chair through and not do any damage to the wall. Do NOT just look away and pretend like you don't see that they clearly could use an extra set of hands.

For God's sake, get off your fat ass and hold the freaking door open. I'll forgive you for liking Matt Lauer if you could just be a little helpful.
Seriously people.

Now with that said, for as much as I hate receptionist bitch I LOVE the doctor. Dr. Mia knows her shit. Most importany Dr. Mia knew Scott's case remarkably well. She presented us with a couple of different options with all the supporting information to make a clear informed decision. How much do I love that?
For right now, because the amount of bacteria present is so low we're going to repeat the culture and see what type of results we get back. It's quite possible given Scott's compromised health that this type of low level bacteria is typical for him. She's hesitant, as are we, to just treat him with a killer IV antibiotic. Every time you're exposed to an antibiotic, especially high potency ones like what Scott may need, you run the risk of developing tolerance to that drug. With Scott's compromised situation and all the open wounds (some of which are stinky again tonight, sigh) he's at a very high risk for some nasty infections. Saving the good drugs for when we really need them makes a lot of sense.
So, repeat culture, see if drugs are really needed and proceed from there.

While at the primary care doctor on Monday we upped Scott's pain medications. I think I'm going to change Scott's name. From now on he shall be known only as Cheech or Mr. Marin if you wish to be proper. Dude, is more than a little snowed. While it's quite comical it's also quite sad and annoying.

Here's an account of an actual conversation last night.
Me: Scott will you please turn on K's monitor?
S: huh?
Me: K's monitor it's right there on your table, can you turn it on?
S: Uhhhh I don't know where it is.
Me: Right there by your right hand. Right there, stop, there.

S: Oh, when did you put it there?

One final note
My kid likes cherries.
K asks the waitress for some pink ice cream. Waitress says sorry we don't have pink ice cream. How about some ice cream with cherries on top? This makes K very, VERY happy.
But her reaction when she was presented with her sundae was priceless.

Anonymous –   – (April 22, 2010 at 12:47 AM)  

The look on Kates face is adorable,ice cream affects me that way too.We will be delighted to attend the party.Gary,Nancy and Teagan will be there .I will bring a dish or two.Love the Wandtkes

Anonymous –   – (April 22, 2010 at 6:01 PM)  

She is so cute!! I love the look on her face! Although my husband isn't drugged up I still need to talk to him like that sometimes!!


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