What's Old is New Again

Scotty is once again back in physical therapy. Today went well. I'm not in love with the therapist but then again we've been spoiled with the absolute best therapists around.
This chick will be fine I'm sure.
We modified the goals we had at Rush and things are going to be more attainable now.
You won't be getting daily reports from me on how far Scott walked. In fact we're not going to get him walking at all. Standing yes, walking no.
It's taken some time for Scott and I to come to the harsh realization that his leg just is not capable of walking any longer. Sad but true.
This realization helps us move forward though and while we both wish it wasn't the case we feel empowered and a strange sort of peace.
Let's focus on the important things. Scott is still here. We're spending lots of time together as a family. We can still have a rocking good time with friends. We can still go places and do things. And did I mention, Scott's still here.

Scott L. came over for a visit this afternoon. The Scott's played together in The Jenkins Band back in the day for a period of time. My Scott on drums and Scott L on keyboards.
I have met Scott L. briefly a few times over the years but never really knew him. The friend of a friend thing got him to this blog and ever since Scott L. has been a new/old friend again.
The boys had a great time reminiscing and getting to know each other again. I think they both found some common ground on being terrific fathers.
The best part he's got two little boys one is a little older than Kate and the other is a little younger and he only lives 3 minutes away. All this time we've practically been neighbors.

You may not hear from me tomorrow night. We're going to the prom. You read that right I said PROM. Our little group of friends decided that our next get together would have a prom theme. Tuxes (wait until you see Scott's) dresses (thanks for the hook up Saskija) corsages, boutonnieres, music, disco ball, balloons. Think the dance scene from Footloose except in Mark and Jay'me's basement.

Yup, going to be a good time.
Send in a rescue squad if you don't hear from me by Saturday night. Planning on doing so much dancing I may not be able to walk for awhile.

Anonymous –   – (April 30, 2010 at 7:15 AM)  

Looking forward to seeing the pictures from your prom tonight. What a great idea! Have fun.


Anonymous –   – (April 30, 2010 at 10:08 AM)  

You must both watch out for prom night. You may end the party by having to marry. We hope you have a wonderful time. Lynn

Scott  – (April 30, 2010 at 1:51 PM)  

Now I gotta cut loose...footloose...kick off your Sunday shoes! Have fun!

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