I was supposed to have a big blog announcement today. Was planning on some seriously fun stuff. But my life as of late has become a life interrupted.

Ah yes, another Monday. Most you know by now that I tend to loathe Mondays. They really are the bane of my existence. Sigh, we just don't get along that Monday and I.
Today was a pretty typical Monday. Starts off with a small glimmer of hope, a little nugget to make me think "hey, this is it. This is the Monday that will change the future of all Mondays". And by the end of the day I'm shrugging my shoulders, rolling my eyes and shaking my fist at Monday.

Miss K is back on antibiotics for her bronchitis/pneumonia junk. Poor girl is covered (as is her mother) in snot. We're hoping this round of drugs will kick some ass and baby girl will finally get better.

Scott, well Scott, he's always interesting. While he was in the hospital last week they did routine screening and discovered what was thought to be a urinary tract infection (Scott, sorry I know I promised not to discuss potty issues on the blog but this is relevant). In typical fashion, they put Scott on antibiotics.
Scott comes home.
Friday afternoon I got a call from Dr. Ben. Much to my dismay he wasn't inviting himself over for dinner. He let me know that Scott has a strong, drug resistant bacterial UTI. He gave me some information in case Scott got symptomatic over the weekend.
Fast forward to today. PA Jen called and here's a synopsis of our conversation
Jen - "What are you guys doing about this bacteria?".
Me - "Nothing, he's not symptomatic at all."
Jen - "What? Not a pick. Has to be treated right now. Go to your doctor out there or come here but he has to be seen."
She threw in a couple other scary things (sepsis, leg infections, stent complications) and we got off the phone.

Spent the afternoon at Scott's primary care doctor (Dr. K). We go see an Infectious Disease (ID) doctor on Wednesday morning assuming Scott doesn't get too sick between now and then.
This bacteria and I are already enemies and I haven't yet begun to deal with it. This type of bacteria will only respond to large and long doses of IV antibiotics. This means either another hospital stay (which is least likely) or the placement of a PICC line so I can give him IV antibiotics at home.

Scotty is a champ. He just rolls with it. Get it rolls with it. Hee hee hee I crack me up. He is still in good spirits and we had a nice evening hanging out as a family. Trying so hard to make every moment count. Some stupid pain in the ass bacteria isn't going to slow us down. We've got parties to plan, places to go and things to do.

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Always keeping us glued to the blog; aren't you ?
I'll be thinking about you as always and loving you too,

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