We Go Up, We Go Down, We Go Up Again

Phew, this roller coaster ride is making me a little queasy.

"Um excuse me Sir, can I get off now?"
"No Bitch, shut up and sit down"
"ok, thanks for your consideration"

Had a great post-op recap with Dr. Ben. They didn't take as much tendon as I was envisioning from my conversation with Dr. Jacobs. I have yet to see the damage, that will be tomorrows adventure, but I'm feeling better about the whole missing tendon thing.
All that matters at the end of the day is, Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Ben once again had Scott on the operating table and managed to walk the very fine line of doing the most good while making sure Scott didn't do anything crazy like die. This kids, is a VERY good thing and really all I ask for. The rest is just silly little details.

Oh and as an extra special bonus today I got lots of great tidbits for the True Stories from Rush - I couldn't make this stuff up, portion of this blog. Some real winners here kids, get ready.

For those of you that might have missed the other True Story posts here ya go...




Scott was resting comfortably when I left at 8. Lots of visitors, lots of laughs and so much love from all of our Rush family. Can't say enough how much we appreciate all of our family down there. It's unreal. We love ya Gang.

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