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So here's a little recap from the week.

Scott had his first day of day therapy evaluations yesterday. We like the facility. His OT therapist appears to be very intelligent and likable. She is however the single most fit person I've ever seen in my entire life. The girl doesn't have an ounce of fat on her. Yup, I hate her. *kidding, mostly*

Scott's stinky leg is slightly less foul. Talked to PA Jenn from Dr. Jacobs office and modified the dressing changes in that area so hopefully things will get better and not worse.

Scott's second day of therapy got canceled today so I could deal with a very sick child.

Kate's fever didn't get better last night, it got worse, much worse. She spent most of time from midnight last night until 3pm this afternoon with a fever that would spike at 104-105 and never get below 102.
Back to the pediatrician for her (second time in one week, yup I'm that mom). The doctor took a long time deciding if she could go home. He really wanted to admit her after seeing her urine screening. Ultimately he decided we would try it at home. He commented that an overly compassionate girl like Kate would be scarred from being admitted with all those very sick kids.
I think I might be the one that would be scarred for life.
Fever is down 101 tonight and she did eat a little bit this afternoon. Hoping she rests tonight. I'll be giving her Motrin every 5.5 hours to stay on top of the fever. Alarm clock is set and ready to go.

We got our new garage doors this week. I love them. Took some getting used to but they function so much better than the heavy wood doors we had before.
Our neighbors all rejoiced.

A special shout out and apology to my mom for calling her at 630am on Monday to stand in for a sick neighborhood babysitter while I took Scott to the infectious disease doctor. Thanks Mom! Sorry for the early call. I know how much it sucks to have the phone ring at that hour.

On top of planning our big party (see below) I'm also planning a little getaway to see a dear friend and take a break. I have a full time kid sitter, house sitter and husband helper lined up.
I do however still need to find a nurse to come help with Scott's leg dressings. I have a few resources but I thought I would mention something here for all of our Rush nurse, therapist and doctor friends. If anyone knows a medical professional that could come do dressing changes for a few days give me a shout out. I know our Rush friends can't travel this far for 3 days but maybe someone has a friend out this way. I always prefer to use someone we're connected to. Picking someone from a service can be such a pain.

Party plans are well underway. We've added face painting for the kiddos and I'm hearing more chatter on the balloon animals. Band is confirmed (there is still room to add other acts, just let me know). And in case you don't know what I'm talking about here you go...

Oh and remember the rules
only invite someone you would leave alone in your own home
bring some place comfy to park your butt
come ready to have a good time

For all the rules and regulations go here

Hoping tonight will be a quiet night. Tomorrow should bring a haircut for Scott and some peaceful family time. How is everyone else spending their weekend?

Anonymous –   – (April 24, 2010 at 3:22 PM)  

I'm practicing balloon twisting more than the piano I should be....
All the neighborhood kids thought that was great until they started asking for two & three color balloon complicated animals and got a pink poodles instead. Oh - well can't please em all. I'm not dressing like a clown but I'm your girl.... any help is invited and fun will be had by all :0).

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