Tendons. Who Needs 'Em?

Scott tolerated surgery well, from what I'm told. I have yet to see him.
I spoke with Dr. Jacobs. From what I'm told things went well. They were able to remove all the dead tissue with minimal bleeding. They also had to take most of Scott's tendons. It sounds like the achilles tendon is gone almost completely and the two exposed tendons on the top of the foot are mostly gone.
We weren't expecting that. Didn't know that tendon removal would be done. I guess it makes sense but...
I'm expecting Scott to have a tough time with this when he wakes up. I'm not sure what this means for any future chances of Scott walking again.
Scott will be here (Rush) tonight. We'll get a good chance to talk to Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Ben. I'll learn how to care for the leg again and hopefully, if there are no complications over night Scott will go home tomorrow.

Jen –   – (April 14, 2010 at 5:43 PM)  

Thinking of you non-stop and sending warm and fuzzies!

Kevin  – (April 14, 2010 at 9:58 PM)  

Keep your head up, buddy. Think of it this way: the tendons sounded shot anyways, it's one less surgery to deal with since they took it this round.

Did you tell the doc to put the tendons in a empty jerky bag so you could return them to Wal-mart so you could get at least something back for the misery they've been giving you? OK, right, that comment might be too soon. But we all know Wal-Mart will take back anything. Moderator(that's you, B), please delete post if deemed too soon:) Oh yeah, your on the schedule for 1:30 tomorrow. I will assume that's not happening which is great because the staff and I will have a little time to get (more)liquered up.

Keep your spirits up guys. You guys are awesome and remember you are so much more than some tendons.

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