A Day in the Life of KT

Before I share a funny story from today with Miss K, I want to take a moment and send our love out to SICU Nate and his fiance. We have such a soft spot in our hearts for Nate. The worst days, Nate had been there, supporting me and literally saving Scott's life. There is nobody else like Nate in our lives. We're sorry you guys are hurting. We're here for you. Whatever you may need, except muscle, we don't have much muscle. But anything else, say the word.

Now, I feel the need to share with you a story from Kate's day.

Kate has been a little obsessed with role playing as of late. She runs to me this afternoon, carrying her purse, pushing her 3 dollies in the stroller. This is the conversation that followed.
Kate - *breathless * Mommy I need your wawet {wallet}.
Me - *eyebrow raise* Pardon?
Kate - *eyebrow raise right back at me* Mom, I NEED you wawet. Give it to me eeze.
Me - *no longer raising an eyebrow, I don't like how it looks coming back at me* What do you need my wallet for Miss K?
Kate - *growing more impatient by the second * I haf to buy grocreees for the babies.
Me - *heading to retrieve my wallet* Ok what are you going to buy them?
Kate - ceweal, milk and lemon pie.
Me - *retrieving a junk punch card from my wallet* Ok, here you go.
Kate - *runs away to her kitchen. Tosses the card at the window* Here you go lady, here your money. Fank you. Have nice day.
Kate - *playing cashier* - You too.
Kate - *playing herself* - Mmm, ok, bye.

Here's the kicker, she leaves the card sitting by her kitchen.

Me - Kate, you're supposed to take your card with you so you can use it again.
Kate - *runs over to the card, snaps it up quickly* You no take my card! I need it for more laters.

She shoves the card in her purse and she's off and running.

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