So, I'm thoroughly sick of talking about us. I need something new to talk about.

Hmmm.... Let's see there is...
politics.... nah, that gets ugly, real fast.

Religion...That would be a big fat HELL NO. I'm still getting emails from a certain anonymous that is hell bent on "saving" me. Oh gosh did I say hell twice while talking about her. How fucking rude of me.
Yeah, going to stay away from religion.

Movies... I'm watching Changeling right now. Saw it in the theater. Very disturbing movie. Very good but very disturbing.
I'm slightly obsessed with the hats that Angelina Jolie wears through out the movie. If only I looked good in hats. Who am I kidding, if only I had Brad Pitt as the father of my child. Hmmm... now that's something I can talk about for hours.
Sorry Scott, you know he's one of my free passes.

Food... Scott requested a fried egg sandwich for dinner. Dude can be so weird sometimes. I need to find a way to get him to eat more. Any ideas?
Oh and let me tell you in advance he's the only person I've ever met that simply won't snack. I leave chips and cookies next to him all day long and he won't touch them. I am the complete opposite, I would mow through whatever was left there in the first 15 minutes and ask for more.

What else??? Somebody tell me something, ask me something, tell me to stop my whining...something....

Anonymous –   – (April 8, 2010 at 2:37 AM)  

random things in our life (who am I's Wednesday, so this is from the last 2 days):
adam escapes from crib, he's in a bed, chooses to sleep on the floor!
ryan flips over in the bed and can't get back, i wake up a million times during the night.
adam gets the sugar bowl and bottle of diet coke and makes soup on our family room rug while i put ry down for a nap.
rug is rolled up in foyer because I don't know how to get rid of it...ideas?
trying to lose weight, dan brings home mexican...up 2 lbs from one meal, have no clothes that fit, and all our money goes to diapers...
adam still wears the diaper...can't wait til it's 80 degrees so we can have naked day...gotta get this kid in preschool stat!
did i mention the sugar, he also dumped a bag of ground coffee beans on said rug...
A is finally getting his last 2 molars on top...just in time for Ry to get his 1st "toofies" on the bottom...just waiting
Ry is a great eater, so he'll have to show uncle scott how to snack...he eats a meat, veggie, and applesauce for dinner...
Hope the fried egg sammie was drenched in butter!
Will Scott drink whole milk? easy way to go from 90 cals (skim) to 150.
Start buying the 80/20 ground beef and don't drain it.
Dip the pizza in ranch dressing...and find a really "good" ranch dressing.
Burgers must be cheeseburgers, pick a "good" cheese.
Brats are delicious!
Alfredo sauce is delicious too.
Ok, now you know why I can't lose weight ;-) Scotty, try these things and I am going to work on a tasty shake for ya...chocolate or vanilla? Gotta make every calorie count...can't wait to see you Saturday!
Alli Palli

Anonymous –   – (April 8, 2010 at 7:14 AM)  

Well now, the egg sandwich is a favorite here, especially with your uncle. Do you think heredity is involved? Busy weekend last, my brother John had his retirement party in Ames Sat. afternoon, then Abby's birthday party Sat. night. Easter at Jennifer's. Tracey, Brad and chillins there. We took Mom with us. Poor tired people we are becoming, we decided to stay in Pleasant Hill all night instead of taking Mom home and us home then back again. More rest for all of us. Tracey had pictures of the new house in Prior Lake. Really pretty.
The girls gave me a new digital camera for Mother's Day and my birthday. Early so I can practice for the wedding in Sept. I do really think it is cool.
I want to know what happened to Spring last night. It has been raining here for a couple of days, but really, I had SCRAPE the WINDOWS this morning. Just not right. I must get to work now. Love to you all, Uncle Lynn and Uncle bernie

Anonymous –   – (April 8, 2010 at 12:24 PM)  

Hi Brandy and Scott. I have a bunch of pictures from our days at Immanuel and I would be happy to send them to you if you guys are interested. Jill (McKenney) Gosch

Anonymous –   – (April 8, 2010 at 4:18 PM)  

Sorry i haven't posted lately...I know how much time you spend sitting an waiting on just my post.
There is a lot going on here right now and well you know how that is.
We should of talked last night you could of listened to me bitch....LOTS OF CURSE WORDS! lol
The last instructor I had docked me a point for not being specific enough on an answer BUT 2 other girls didn't even answer the question and she gave them 100%. Check that out, there's a topic for ya. :)

missy dappen  – (April 8, 2010 at 9:01 PM)  

Let's talk... CUBS! They are working on the first win of the season (hoping I didn't just jinx them!). Have you guys been watching? I know it'd be a lot of work, but if you guys ever want to catch a game, I'd be happy to join. I'll buy first round :)

Other than opening day, nothing too exciting in my world. My boyfriend drove his car into (ok, against) a stopped bus a couple of days ago. He overestimated the amount of room he had. He still contends he's an excellent driver. Even with the entire side of his car scraped up and his mirror hanging off. Oh, and have I mentioned that he totaled my car about a year and a half ago? He was driving it with a garbage bag covering the passenger side window (my car had gotten broken in to) during a snowstorm. He didn't take the bag down. Kinda understandable, with the snow coming in, but I really thought he'd take it down to drive it. I guess I should've given him direct instructions. Sigh.

We are missing you guys at Rush. Your names come up all the time- "Have you heard from them lately?" "Remember when Scott was here and...? Did you see Brandi's comment on my Facebook page?" Today, Carole came in to the clinic and cuddled Bongo.

Hope all is well. You are doing a great job, Momma Witt!

By the way, if you are looking for great ranch dressing, there's a branch in the city (and a couple of suburbs) called Pockets that has the honest-to-God best ranch I've ever had, and I consider myself to have rather discerning taste buds to ranch. And it has 244 calories per ounce!

Oh, and to Anonymous- how DARE you? You are judging someone who gives every ounce of herself to others? What have you done today that even comes close? You need a little self-reflection yourself.

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