Suck It Up!

How did I know on Sunday night that this week was going to be one of "those" weeks? Sheesh... I hate being right all the time. It's really a burden. *oozes sarcasm*

I've spent the last two days on the phone with the insurance company. Let's just say they SUCK. Suck is a little bit of an understatement but I'm not going to write exactly what I want to say for fear that I would even make myself cringe with all the curse words. My fail safe FUCK isn't even enough.
*sigh - bang head on wall, repeat, repeat*

So now that that is out of the way. Let's see... Miss K. Poor K has bronchitis and probable pneumonia. Hoping she's improved by Thursday so we don't have to move forward with the next treatment(s).

Scott is doing alright. He's working on a pretty fantastic cold himself. Which of course is bothersome.
We have yet another new tendon on the top of the foot. For those that are counting that's three, yes 3, visible tendons just hanging out for the world to see. Super fun, I tell ya! If I had to guess we'll see number 4 by the weeks end. Would anyone like to place bets on that?

I promised you guys the Bunny stalker story so here it is.

It started off innocent enough. The bunny, in an attempt to lure my sweet unsuspecting daughter, offered a simple piece of chocolate. The bunny didn't know that chocolate is a serious weakness for Kate. He didn't know that Kate can smell a single Hershey's kiss on your breath from 100yards away. He had never heard her sniff the air and then say "Mama you eatin' chocolate? I have one too peese" while using her most I'm sweet and innocent face.
The bunny was just doing his job.

He didn't realize he was making a friend for life.
"Hi Bunny! Hi remember me? I Katie. Got more chocolate for me?"

Look at the focus on her face. She won't let the chocolate out of sight.
"Back off girly. I'm bigger than you. He's my chocolate givin' bunny"

Alright, I'll hug you if you give me more chocolate.

Ok, ok, I'll even smile just give me more of that chocolate.

I'm sure you can all imagine, the kid got more chocolate from that bunny than conceivable. This proud mommy is happy to report that she brought her riches back to the brunch table and gave a piece to her Auntie Blue (Auntie Blue's chocolate addiction is legendary) and me. I'll omit the part of the story where she took the piece of chocolate she had just given me back out of my hand, smiled sweetly and said "thank you mommy for sharing wif me."
You win some, you lose some.

BigDan  – (April 7, 2010 at 9:11 AM)  

If my daughter doesn't give me a grandchild soon, can I borrow Katie???? "thank you, Brandi, for sharing wif me." Hope thing get better soon. Love ya all...

Anonymous –   – (April 7, 2010 at 10:00 AM)  

Good morning guys. We had a nice Easter too. We went to Nancy's sister's house just on the border in WI. The weather was beautiful and the kids played outside in their backyard filled with trees. There was an Easter egg hunt for both kids and adults. For the adults, some of the eggs had cash in them and others were empty. I stole one of Rob's eggs, heehehehe. Everyone was going through their eggs counting their money, I got nothing. All my eggs were empty. Savannah told me that's what I get for stealing. It was a nice family day.

Bill has a gig this Saturday afternoon in the SW suburbs. We're thinking Tom will go to Bill's gig and I will go to the sushi party (assuming everyone is feeling better and up for a party). One event has cocktails and crazy women and the other doesn't.

I hope that little KT girl starts feeling better and Scott is on the mend too. You guys take good care.

The pictures you sent are awesome. You really do have an eye for photography. And we love Katie's "color-FULL" artwork. Every crayon used in perfect order. Wow, that's a systematic thinking 3 year old :)

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