A Birthday and a Date

A very special little boy turned 3 today. Adam is officially out of the terrible 2's and into the torturous 3's.
Kate and I got to spend sometime at his birthday party today celebrating. Sadly, Scott had to stay home. Having just started yet another round of antibiotics he was feeling a little run down.

Kate wanted to wear her new shoes.

Gee I can't imagine why. She also insisted on wearing a pretty dress to Adam's party.

And so begins the clothes fight... Hold me, please.

Someone else was quite attracted to the sparkle shoes.

Don't worry Kate had barely worn them otherwise I wouldn't have let Ryan chew on them while I took a photo. I'm not that awful.

The bigger kids enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather and played in the sprinkler and slide pool.

Miraculously while we were there, there was not a single fight.

I believe there must be a rip in the fabric of the universe.

All the kids even sat nicely at the picnic table and enjoyed dinner together.

Kate and Zach were sitting on the other side of the table but the strong summer sun prevented a decent photo from showing their beautifully content faces covered in pasta sauce and the sweet drips of summer melon juice.
Cake always brings a group together. Especially a delicious Portillos chocolate cake.

Look at these two curly haired beauties. They could be siblings.

Happy Birthday Lil' A! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you. I'm sorry I have to post the below photos on your birthday but, it simply must be done.

Brogan and Josh came over on Friday night. I left Josh and Scott to enjoy their BBQ Chicken Pizza (um.. not so much) and I took Brogan and Kate to a trip to the lake (read: first date)
They laughed

They talked.

Brogan showed Katie where the frogs were.

And he was a complete gentleman.

I'm going to be in so much trouble. I'll leave you now I'm sure Scott is going to want me to get his rifle out of it's hiding spot now, so he can use it to keep the boys away.

BigDan  – (August 29, 2010 at 8:26 AM)  

Scott... the phrase, "I can write my name on your ass from a hundred yards with this rifle." works pretty well. Good luck!

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