Epic fail.

Decided, against my better judgement, to take Scott and Kate and go to Palatine's StreetFest. We've done StreetFest every year since Palatine started doing it. Back in the day, we would be there several times over the three day fest. Seeing as how summer is coming to an end quickly we wanted to make one more family festival outing.

So, today in the scorching 92 degree heat, I packed up two of my favorite people, a backpack full of water, ice packs, a clip on umbrella for Scott's wheelchair, sunblock and sunglasses. Leaving early to beat some of the heat we headed to my parents house to pick them up along with Justin and Kara.

Once we arrived at the fest things didn't go well. There were tears, a near fainting and nobody came home with their face painted. Surprisingly it was Kate that had the most trouble with the heat.
We scoped out a nice place in the shade pretty quick and left Mini-me and Scott there while the more able bodied adults retrieved some tasty morsels.

Part way through Kate's pizza she became very lethargic. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and she became unresponsive. Kara and I were sitting on either side of her and noticed her behavior change right away.

I grabbed her and immediately felt that she wasn't sweating. Lack of sweating in heat like today's is a sure sign that she's not doing well. Once on my lap I forced water down her throat, put an ice cold water bottle on the small of her back and started asking her questions. She couldn't or wouldn't tell me her name, she didn't say a word as a matter of fact. We got a straw in her water and kept forcing fluids until her eyes refocused, her color came back and she gave me her shy, sheepish grin and said "my name Kaferin Tamawa Witt".
I knew she was out of the woods when she started complaining about the ice cold bottle of water pressed up against her naked back.

Scott did slightly better. By slightly I mean his eyes didn't roll back into his head and he managed to keep sweating. We know Scott doesn't handle heat well so we had him covered in ice packs early on and we kept his chest and neck in the shade with his handy clip on umbrella. I'm sure if we hadn't taken those precautions with Scott early on I would be sitting in the ER right now writing a different story.

Everyone is home safe and napping now. Thank God.

The rough afternoon means we're going to have to miss a friends wedding this evening but I know they'll understand.

Hopefully, everyone is out enjoying this day and being safe. Even prepared for the weather this heat is dangerous.

BigDan  – (August 30, 2010 at 7:40 AM)  

Glad that everything is OK. We went to the Sox game and barely made it through with the heat.

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