There Aint No Sunshine....

Well, there was a ton of sunshine in the sky most of the day. Hot, sticky, sweaty, opressive, sunshine.
Then tonight, in rolled the thunderstorms. The deep, dark, bitter, angry and frustrated rain clouds better suited the mood at the WWW. After having a hellatiously bad day (the only thing that could have made the day worse was if one of us was sick) we welcomed the rain with open arms.
A chance to wash the dirty, filty, slime of the day off of us.
We heard reports of dangerous thunderstorms, including hail and the potential for tornados and what did I do? I did what any self respecting former Iowa farm girl did, I took my kid outside to play.

We needed it....

We needed to dig in the real dirt. Feeling the wet soil between our fingers.

We needed to run

attempting to miss the raindrops as they fell from the sky.

And when the raindrops got to be too much, we got out the umbrella.

And we danced with it.

Healing summer rain... wash all of our troubles away.

Scott  – (August 15, 2010 at 11:37 AM)  

Did I notice some panning??? Nice work Brandi! I love these shots. And of course, K always makes for a great model. Sorry you had such a crumby day but I'm inspired by your ability to find love and joy in spite of it all. Thanks again for sharing.

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