Sunday, Sunday...

It's been a strange couple of days around the WWW.

Scott has been having some trouble with his breathing. I'm hoping that he's just got a touch of a bug that's making things a little yucky. We ended up needing to suction his lungs yesterday afternoon, something we've only done a handful of time since he got the trach in 2008.
This was the first time Kate has seen it done. She was such a great helper. She held her Daddy's hand telling him "It's ok Daddy. Shhh... It will be ok." She asked good questions and knew the answers to the questions I asked her. She stayed calm and followed directions with precision. Her career as a surgeon will be outstanding. I realize it's going to be hard for her to be President of the United States and cure all the diseases in the world but she's special and can handle it :)

Josh came by for a visit on Friday afternoon after Scott got home from therapy. I'm afraid Scott wasn't very good company, he was quite tired.
Kate and I played in the front yard, in the rain with the S12 boys. Enjoying the last fleeting moments of summer, even if that means getting a little wet.
Kate and Ethan had a little too much fun in the backseat of the car.
"I'm watching you Ethan... I'm watching you...."

Saturday was haircut day for Scott. Thank goodness. He was looking a little shaggy. The quick haircut trip exhausted him and he spent the remainder of the day resting. In keeping up with the theme of extending summer Kate and I made a trip to the farmers market and got BLT fixin's and some more of the summers sweetest corn. It won't be much longer before it's juicy, sweet goodness is gone and we're stuck with flat, dull, "mealy" corn that must be slathered Elotes style to be edible.
Sigh... I'm such an Iowa farm girl.

Some more playtime with the S12 family this morning. My eyeball was requested by S12 for possible use in his post for the other blog. So the kids played and well... so did S12 and I.

Heading to the parents house for a little time on the back deck.
More summer moments... keep them coming....

Sere  – (August 22, 2010 at 6:50 PM)  

Your eyeball!!! I'm totally curious now. I hope Scott starts to feel better and breath better soon. Love you guys!

BigDan  – (August 22, 2010 at 7:17 PM)  

Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers. (If Scott spikes a fever, its hospital time, no waiting.) Hope you are enjoying the meals!!!

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