The Moments That Define You

So do you ever have those moments in life that seem to create definition on who you are and where you're going? Maybe it's an A on an expository literature paper, repairing a broken radio, or helping a child learn to tie a shoe.

I had two of those moments today.

I figured out that if necessary, I can remove Scott's trach cap, one handed, while slowing down to stop the car and answering Kate's questions. No sweating, no panicking, no increased heart rate. Just remove the cap and make sure Scott gets better air, while safely stopping the car in traffic. No big deal really.

My second moment was much, much more fun. It actually came during a retelling of a Kate story at tonight's dinner.
Scott and I were supposed to go to Rush to see Dr. Jacobs today so Kate went to spend the day at Grandma's. The appointment with Dr. Jacobs got canceled but we left Kate to play and enjoy the day. I used my alone time to do some fabulous things like spend hours sitting at the Social Security office and talking to our attorney. I'm pretty sure I had a better time than Kate. After all, I got a chance to really think about the most painful way to gouge out my eyeballs.
Alright, get back on track. Defining moment...

So Scott and I go and meet my parents with Kate, Justin and Kara for dinner and a kid exchange. Before we can even get in the door my mom tells me the best Kate story of all time. I've titled it

Katie, The Master Negotiator

Setting - Grandma's home office. Grandma is working on the computer and Kate is running around. Katie spies a multi-pack of Post-It's. Post-It's have been among Kate's favorite things for a long time.

Kate asks - Grammy, may I have the pink ones?
Grandma - Yes, but please don't use them all at once.
Kate - Let's make a deal. I'll just use all of them. Ok?

Grandma is too busy laughing to answer immediately so Kate goes on using the pink Post-It's.
Grandma - I'd rather you not use all of them at once.
Kate- But Grammy we had a deal.

Grandma - Kate, don't use them and stick them all over the house.
Kate - Grammy, I'm just going to go out here.

Kate exits the room and goes to the living room. Grandma follows her shortly there after and sees this.

*thanks for the cell phone picture Mom*
Grandma - Kate I asked you not to use them all.
Kate - But Grammy, we had a deal.

I can't tell you how proud I am of her. She's quite the negotiator. I have been successful in raising a smart, thoughtful, beautiful little girl that can negotiate her own best deal and knows how to make other people off balance so she can achieve her objectives. What a good girl!

And there you have it kids, the things we're proud of around the WWW. It might not be what most people are proud of but it works for us.

Kath  – (August 25, 2010 at 9:47 AM)  

How can you resist that face??

BigDan  – (August 25, 2010 at 4:19 PM)  

She is such a Danika! (Highest compliment I can give!)

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