This Thing I Call a Brain

Since my thoughts are kind of all over the place tonight I thought I would just throw it all down here and let you all sort through the muck. Good Luck!

Kate is not allergic to bee stings. This is good news, especially considering we found that out while she was at school this morning. To hear her tell the story of the bee attack is quite hysterical.
"Then the bug was just there, so I squish him, then he fall down and my thumb hurt. I cry."

Kate doesn't pick her nose, she'll tell you just that. "Mommy, I not picking my boogers. I just moving the boogers around."

The pizza I made for dinner sucked.

I ruined 2 pie crusts yesterday because I was too distracted. I've never ruined a pie crust.

Tomorrow I have to get back in the saddle so to speak because I have 3 more quarts of blueberries to make into a pie.

The first quart of blueberries were turned into this deliciousness.

My friends are sick of me baking seeing as how Kate and I just made these delightful treats.

See I insist on baking but then I have to give it all away except for a few saved for Scott because if I didn't I would be 600 pounds and unable to get off the sofa to do any more baking. It's a vicious cycle I tell you.

My hands are blue. see previous blueberry references

Kate and I took our popsicles and went for a walk down to the marsh by our house. See.

We have some amazingly wonderful friends. I'm lucky enough to be embarking on a new journey with three of them. Expect more details tomorrow. I'm so excited to get started that I'll wrap this up so I can finish my work there.

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