Dante's Peak

Right now I'm in bad movie heaven. Dante's Peak is on HBO and I have been watching it since the beginning. There is probably something wrong with me for liking this so much.
Sadly, I'm not interested in trying to figure out my neurosis on the bad movie front. I have plenty of other neurosis that should require more immediate attention.

Our dear friend Alli completed her first race today (a 5k). Her hubby Dan put together a surprise congratulatory party for her. I was fortunate enough to get to help plan and make arrangements. And best of all Scott and I got to be there for the big surprise.

A few quick photos. Plenty more to share at a later date...
Someone enjoyed being the guest of honor... Way to go Alli!

Scott's lap got quite to work out. Baby Carter (Allison's nephew) spent a ton of time on Scott's lap. Best of all I got in a workout picking up the cups he would throw.

Scott was also Baby Ryan's official feeder today. Not one but two bottles were consumed while chilaxin' on Scott's lap.

And this hands down was my favorite photo of the day.

Who wouldn't love that face?

Lots of fun today celebrating a friends new journey. Love and support abound.

I know I keep harping to go check out the OTHER blog but seriously... Scott upped the ante tonight by posting two photos. The second of which I'm completely in love with and simply must have on my dining room wall. Go see it.
Oh and I'll add a disclaimer. That site, just like this one, has no advertising. This is not some shameless plug to get you to go over there so I can make money. This is all about my love of photography. I want to share it with everyone I love (that's you guys). I want to encourage all of you to find the beauty in the world around you. I'm not in it to make money, I'm in it because I love it.
10-4 over and out....

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