Nature Vs. Nurture

I got the pleasure of watching Adam and Ryan this afternoon so their mommy (Alli) could go to an appointment alone. Gasp, a mother get to do something ALONE. I can't believe such things happen in this world.

I was honored to watch both boys and had a wonderful time. Ryan at 8 months old is crawling all over and is quite adept at stair climbing. Don't worry I was with him the entire time.

Kate and Adam were testing the nature vs nurture debate. Prior to having kids I assumed (probably wrongly) that being born a certain sex wouldn't predispose you to a certain set of traits. A boy was only wild and interested in balls because his parents raised him that way and a girl only played with dolls because that's what her parents bought her.
No, I'm not going to get into some big nature vs nurture debate. But Kate and Adam
shown here in 2008 were being perfect test subjects today.

You see, Kate has this car (this photo was taken in May).

This car is huge hit with Kate and all of our little visitors. The boys especially gravitate towards it. Today was not different.
Adam promptly get in the car and pushed it backwards (it's a pedal car made of metal). He wasn't strong enough to move it over the carpet so he got out of the car to see what the problem was.
Kate meanwhile is standing nearby saying
"what's wrong? It won't move on the carpet. You're not big enough yet."
Adam, who is now laying on the floor looking under the car, is saying
"it needs an oil change, a new filter and some gas in the tires".

The two continue to go back and forth. Adam attempting to fix the car and Kate telling him he should just ask for help. They carried on for quite sometime, going back and forth. Adam looking under the car and Kate sitting against the wall with a big sigh saying "I just want to go shopping."

At three years old they are unwittingly proving all of the social stereotypes.

It's time for me to finish blogging so I can find a recipe for Kate and me to bake tomorrow while standing barefoot in the kitchen. Hey, I have to do something while I wait for the laundry to finish.

Nature vs nurture... we'll never know for sure.

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BigDan  – (August 5, 2010 at 7:42 PM)  

It has been truly fascinating watching Daniel Luke and Danika as they grow. It is particularly interesting to see the interplay over the years. The coolest thing? Loving them no matter what!

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