Full Moon

If it's not a full moon tonight, it's pretty close.

I took this around 9pm tonight out my bedroom window. I'm so glad my procrastination on putting the screen back in and taking the tri-pod down worked in my favor.
This was my first tentative steps into taking a picture of a full moon and really only my second attempt at a moon picture. All things considered I'm pretty happy with it.

I have a very, very strong feeling on full moons. Anyone in retail and or the medical community (specifically the ER) will tell you that the full moon brings out the crazies. In fact once, a long, long time ago, when I worked in the bridal industry I had a bridesmaid throw a shoe at me on a full moon. Seriously, a freaking shoe. Crazies, I tell you... it brings out the crazies.

Today was no different. Kate and I had a very interesting trip to the Bad Ass Park. Let's just say it involved a snobby nanny group, a grandpa that tried to pick Kate up (innocently) and a Mary Kay consultant. Very bizarre indeed.
Kate's nap time that was more like jungle time and by 3pm I was seriously thinking about a drink.

Fortunately, S12 and his posse, along with their neighbor Donna, her daughter Kayleigh (age 4), and Justin and Kara, all came over for dinner. Some other adults to talk to and more importantly some kids for Kate to play with really helped get things back on track.
The world was set right side up again when I tried the burgers S12 made for us all. Prosciutto, swiss cheese, grilled pineapple, bbq sauce and jalapenos. Ah-Ma-Zing!

The kids played in the front yard, where we set up the grill, in true redneck fashion.
Brandon pranced around with the umbrella using the driveway as his stage and the other kids as his stage hands.

Beautiful weather also meant that Scott could get in on the outdoor activities.
He even challenged Kate to a race.

Kate may have technically "won" but Scott is the real winner.

A beautiful way to end the day.

Scott  – (August 25, 2010 at 11:09 PM)  

Taking a break for a minute - can't study without breaks! Love the pics of Brandon and his prop. Such a ham. Thank God full moons only happen every 28 days (I think?). And it's great to see Scott outside. Here's to 27 NOT full moon days ahead!

BigDan  – (August 26, 2010 at 7:26 AM)  

Great pics! Glad you guys had a great time.

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