Keeping It Fresh

So I mentioned my blue fingers the other day and I told you about the blueberry muffins. Tonight I'm going to show you what I made.

The two failed pie crusts were worth it.

Holy Cow! You see that creamy layer? That's homemade whip cream. The top that's fresh blueberries half of them have been cooked down and the other half are left untouched. They simply burst in your mouth when you take a bite.
I have to thank my Grams for this recipe. Simply heavenly. What would we do without grandparents?

Kate is pretty lucky to have some fantastic grandparents. My parents do an outstanding job of making sure Kate never realizes that she only has one set of grandparents. Plenty of spoiling going on. Just the way it should be.

I've been working on a new project.
For some time now S12 and I have been working on our photography stuff. Sharing photos, ideas and equipment back and forth. He's been teaching me all kinds of great stuff and I've been driving him crazy with my amateur questions. It's mutually beneficial...well mostly... or not.

I've been interested in photography for quite awhile. When Kate turned 6months old I convinced Scott that I needed a dslr (digital SLR) camera. We have the Nikon d40 and I love it most of the time.
I've been working so hard and learning so much that I've kind of out grown the camera. I work faster than it can and I can't make it do everything I want it to do.
Enough complaining. That's not the point of this.

My point is, I had to find a way to do more with my photography. We don't have a money fairy so I can't just run out and buy all the toys I want. I have to make do.
So when S12 came to me and said let's do a photography challenge, I jumped up and down and squealed like a little girl. Seriously, you can ask him. I was kind of embarrassed.

Anywho, in talking with S12 we started formulating some ideas. Jay'me you've met her here, wanted to join in the fun and then my bestest friend from high school Sere was looking for some inspiration as well. So together we created this.
I posted my first photo yesterday and tonight while I was typing this S12 posted the follow up. If you go visit the other blog make sure you click on my friends faces on the left. The pictures will take you to their blogs, websites etc. It works the same as the nifty little icon you see on the right of this blog.

This chance to have a creative outlet, an escape from the usual and customary, an encouraging reminder to look at the world from all different angles, is just what this girl needs.
Don't worry I won't abandon you all over here. Oh.. what??? Sorry to have burst your bubble.

Goodbye forever.... or until tomorrow.... whichever comes first.

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