I put on my crown

Auntie Blue (aka Kara) had a special request for her birthday this year. She wanted a fondue night.
Let me tell you fondue night at the Witt house is not for the faint of heart. It has literally brought grown men to their knees. That might have been from over eating but, whatever. It still counts.
When I do fondue, I DO fondue. All out, no holds barred, copious amounts of food, drink and circuses.

I don't do fondue nearly often enough. This is probably why.

Even though fondue night is always a wonderful time, fondue prep-day... mmmm... not so much. No joke, about half way through fondue day, I swear I'll never do fondue again.

But by the time, everyone has arrived, and the table is ready, all is almost forgotten.

Any fondue elitist knows that you must start with a cheese fondue. I almost always do a pub fondue and a traditional cheese. Bread, veggies, apples... all covered in cheese. Oh baby, it's heaven.

Then you move on to the real business. Some call it the oil fondue, I call it meat.

Lots and lots of meat. This platter is what I serve per couple. Tonight there were four of these on the table. Two kinds of chicken, two kinds of pork, two kinds of beef, shrimp and tonight, we had shark. There are delicious potatoes, sauces (a few of mine are famous), mushrooms, tempura batter and onions.
It's really ridiculous.

By the time the dinner has arrived, you're loosening your jeans, praying for mercy and somehow begging for more.

Now, dessert is the real creme de la creme. Three types of chocolate. Tonight was a white chocolate, a semi-sweet/milk chocolate combo with a little peanut butter and a semi-sweet/milk chocolate combo with some amaretto.

Cheesecakes, pound cake, marshmallows, fruits. All washed in your favorite chocolate combination. How in the world can that be a bad thing?

A lesser person might opt to just do a fondue dessert. But not in this house. In this house we believe that if you're going to wear a hat you need to own that hat and rock it out as best as you can.

Happy Birthday Kara Katherine. Next time, we'll cut you off after the first glass of wine you lush.

Brandoo the Queen of Fondue

PS - I do accept bribes, should you want to be included in the next night of fondue fun. :)

Saskija  – (October 31, 2010 at 8:16 AM)  

Sigh, to live close enough to participate. And to help, oh the things we could do!! Miss you guys.

Brandi  – (October 31, 2010 at 10:47 PM)  

@ BigDan you guys can consider it a wedding present. Let's plan for right after you get back.
@Saskija, you mean the damage we could do right? ;) Get your happy butts in the car and come visit. I'll throw down some fondue for you. It's been too long. Hugs for all!

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