All Hollows Eve

We had a wonderful time celebrating the 'spooky' holiday. Kate played a beautiful, non-red headed Princess Ariel.

I tried really hard to get Kate to let me 'dye' her hair. I bought the beets, made the puree, the whole nine yards. In the end, Kate wanted to just be herself.

Isn't that what we all strive to be? Our full, authentic, genuine selves. I'm pretty proud that at 3 she's more worried about being authentic than she is about being like someone else. This kid of mine never seems to miss a thing.

There is no better place to be genuine than with your family. The family that wraps you in their arms, even when you look like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams.

Family that will rally with you to make a holiday extra special so you won't forget a moment. They forgive you when you're insensitive. Laugh at you when you need it and help you keep it all together on the days when you feel like you might just break.

The best part is, the family probably doesn't even realize they are doing it. It's just the bi-product of being near those that give you peace in your soul.

Being your safe place. Protecting you from harm and guiding you down the right path.

You might need to ride on them once in a while. Sit and rest so you can face your troubles.

Always loving, always caring.

Even when you don't see eye to eye. Family is there.

We started the day as a family, saw some family for a quick visit, spent the afternoon with family, talked to family on the phone and longed for the family that wasn't with us.
We thought of BigDan and Kathy celebrating their first holiday as a married couple after their impromptu wedding on Thursday. We thought of Grams far away in Texas and wish she could be sharing with us. We thought of all of you that come here to our little bit of the interwebs.
From our family to yours, may the holiday season that has just begun bring you lots of love and laughs and may we be fortunate enough to get to spend some of that time with you.

*Uncle Matty, how is it that we did not get a picture of you with Katie? This is a crime. I apologize.*

BigDan  – (November 1, 2010 at 7:53 AM)  

I've always said there are some women who could wear sackcloth and ashes and still look beautiful. Katie and, of course you, are two of them!!!!

Brandi  – (November 1, 2010 at 7:37 PM)  

Awe, Dan! Thank you so much. I know why Kath married you.

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