A perfect fall day at...

the beach?

What kind of wacky nut job takes her kid to the beach on a cloudy fall day?
That's me... well and Nicole who braved the cool temps to bring Brandon out so we could all play.

There's an old quarry not far from us that was used from the 1950's until early 1990's. Excavating all the sand left a beautiful lake behind. For the last 20 years this gorgeous lake went untouched. With no trespassing signs posted and no easy access the lake just sat and sat.

While Scott served as Vice President for the Crystal Lake Anglers club (yep, my husband is super cool) they raised money and started to stock the lake, preparing for the future fishing and the lake continued to sit. Until just recently.

We saw this beauty pulled from the water from some shore side fishermen.

This untapped lake has been transformed into a beautiful rec center. Gorgeous paths, beautiful beaches, small islands, boat rental (to tap into those unsuspecting fish), and even a Culvers.

This kids laughed, played and wrestled until it was time to come home.

Many laughs, some good fellow mom time, a few photos and a happier, calmer, slightly frozen Brandi has emerged.

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