Everyone was right, it hurts worse the next day.
So glad my parents were here to help ease the physical burdens. And really thankful that Mom played chauffeur for me all day. I can hardly move at this point. As I told Scott tonight "I have bruises on body parts that I didn't know existed."

We had Scott's MRI/MRA. It took an hour longer than expected, they needed additional scans. That's never what you want to hear but he's home so that's all that matters. Expecting the initial results tomorrow.

Went to get a few things from our car today. Being the picture taker that I am I took these.

The fireman were so nice and put the rear under carriage and the front fender in the back seat. Super awesome.
You know what is super awesome, for real? That car seat you see. Sure it's got cute butterflies but that car seat is why Kate is still here and why she has minimal physical injury. The fire Marshall told me that had I not had one of the best seats money can buy properly installed and had Kate sitting in it properly she would have gotten tossed and would either have serious injury or ... I can't even imagine. Thank you butterflies.

Airbags hurt. Seriously. Glad I had it, but my arm is tore up and the one spot on my head that hit it is bruised. Thanks airbag. Seriously, I love you.

I didn't get pictures of the rear end, under carriage damage. It hurt too much to get that low and take photos. It hurt so much that I didn't even take my photo for the other blog today. A first for me.

This is the cervical collar they put on Kate in the ambulance when they strapped her down. I'm glad I brought it home. It's sparked a few conversations with Kate that have allowed me to see that she's got no permanent emotional damage from the event.

The last time K and I had matching hospital wrist bands it was the day she was born. That event was much better than this one. But both times I brought home with me the most beautiful little girl. While seeing this makes me sad it also makes me feel immense gratitude.

This little face, scratches and all, is safe at home where she belongs.

There is nothing more precious or perfect than that.

*note, the scratch on Kate's forehead is from playing on Sunday. The scratch on her shoulder/neck area is from the accident. She has those marks on both sides and some bruising on her sternum.

Kath  – (October 7, 2010 at 9:37 AM)  

Sorry you guys are banged up, but glad you are ok!

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