Wanna see some outtakes from my Friday Faces post over on the other blog?

Dad wanted me to check for boogers.

Mom humored me nicely

Even when she doubted my sanity

Scott has a bad side

and his good side faced him the wrong direction.

On Saturday Mom, Auntie Blue (Kara), Katie and I went to a Beauty and the Best sing-a-long at a local movie theater. Basically they play the movie and during songs they show the words and encouraged everyone to sing along.
We had a great time. Kate wasn't feeling the camera love but I did manage to get one shot of her tutu and boots.

Yep, my kid rocked the pink cowboy boots at a movie theater.

I started today thinking I would quit my Starbucks habit. I went most of the day without caffeine until my parents showed up for dinner with a McDonalds sweet tea in hand. I about mauled them. I hate to admit it but I'm a junky. The sweat tea helped ease the headache and improve my mood but there is just something about a coffee that calms me and replenishes my soul. So tomorrow I will be back at Starbucks. I figure my Monday is going to suck enough without having withdrawals to contend with.
Scott's hearing is no better so I shall begin the quest for answers. Wish us luck.

BigDan  – (October 4, 2010 at 10:50 AM)  

Hey Brandi... Check my post. I took two pictures of vines and machinery that were similar to the three chicks post.

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