Huh... What....

Sigh... another day, another cluster fuck. Looking forward to having the weekend to re-group somewhat.
Had Scott at the doctor today. She found no obvious signs for what could be causing Scott's hearing problems. His ears look clear, no signs of sinus issues, everything appears to be normal.
For this weekend we're going to treat him for middle ear congestion. He's got a nose spray and some Sudafed. If things aren't starting to improve by Monday we'll go to Rush and have an MRI-MRA done to rule out an aneurysm and a few other really yucky things.
I'm hoping things start to improve but honestly, I'm prepared to take him to Rush this weekend. Being prepared to handle the worst case scenario at any given moment is the only way I can get through from one day to the next.

For right now though Scott is happily hanging with some of his boys. Playing cards, drinking beer and whiskey*, eating sub sandwiches and the homemade apple pie I prepared for them.

I had Friday Faces over on the other blog. Wait until you see some of the outtakes. I'll be sharing them tomorrow. For now, I'm going to take advantage of having other able bodied people in the house while K is sleep. I'm off to take a few nighttime pictures while I still have some decent weather. I'll be staying close by, Kate has still been waking up with leg cramps so I need to be close just in case.

*Scott is not drinking. The beer and whiskey are for others.

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