News Flash

Scott has hearing loss.
Break out the band, call the press and sing it from the rooftops.
The hearing loss, apparently, is just some random fluke. There is seemingly no rhyme or reason for Scott's loss but after an extensive hearing test, it's been confirmed that there is a definite loss.
The only potential treatment would be a steroid injection directly into the inner ear through the ear canal. Sounds lovely doesn't it?
For right now were holding off on doing the injection. We'll give it a little bit of time to stabilize on it's own before shoving needles into Scott's ear drum.

S12 and his family came over for dinner and some much needed catching up. Kristin and I actually got to sit down and enjoy a meal together. Usually it's so chaotic with all the kids running that we don't get a chance to talk, this was such a welcomed departure.
I've spent more hours than I can count recently bogged down with the insurance drama from the accident. I'm hoping that today was the worst of it and now I can get back to some level of normal.
Much more to accomplish before my head hits my pillow....

Colleen  – (October 13, 2010 at 8:40 AM)  

I'm sorry. Poor Scott - I agree with you guys. I don't think I would be rushing to do the injection either.

I know we are not in the same state but I practice personal injury so I know the process all too well. If you have any questions you want to run by me, email me. I'm happy to try and help.

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