Little this, little that

Commercials about tampons, upset stomachs and bras crack me up. Seriously, I laugh at the poor people doing those commercials every time I see one. But then, in this economy, they are probably elated to have a job of any kind. Hell, I would sell lipstick to Sarah Palin for the right price. Take what you can get.

Speaking of commercials and politics, I'm over the election. It canNOT end soon enough. The state of Illinois is in such horrible trouble and these idiots think that being tattle tales is going to solve the problems. I think not kids. Even my 3 year old has figured that out.

I ate a pound of crab legs at dinner tonight. I'm so fappy (fat and happy) I could expire. A wonderful dinner to honor an amazing woman. We miss you 'Grandma' Alice. Don't worry Sweetie, the soup was cold.

I had a little too much fun taking my photo for the other blog. My poor basement might not ever recover from the paper mess.

Our house is still standing from the outrageous winds that have been tearing through here. We have all of our lawn chairs and most of them are still even on our lawn. Bonus!

Scott's cold continues to worsen. I'm dreading this cold season. Wondering if this cold will have an impact on his hearing test on Thursday.

I'm getting excited to do a full three course fondue extravaganza for Kara's birthday on Saturday. It's been far too long since I've done up the fondue action. I'm known as Brandoo the Queen of Fondue in some circles. It's never been done before but, this latest foray into the delicious world of at home fondue will be photo documented for you fine folks. Stop cringing.

I'm overwhelmed by the amount of love I get from all of you on a daily basis. I read each and every comment, email, text, facebook message. I wish I could find the words and the right way to tell you all thank you properly. You lift my spirits, and hold my hand even if you don't know it.

Kate's going to be Ariel for Halloween. I'm seriously thinking about dying her hair red using beet juice. Does this make me crazy?

I need a trip to my special place. A quick escape from reality. My place where I can sing at the top of my lungs, cry as hard as I need to, work until my body aches, and find that piece of my soul that has somehow gotten buried inside me.

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