Lets stroll a little further

Come along we're going to continue our time travel. Stopping at all of Kate's Halloween experiences.
Here she is 2008. A cute little penguin. She absolutely loved trick-or-treating. Even if she didn't love her penguin hat.

Adding to her hat misery was the 75degree temps. We won't be seeing that this year.

That brings us to 2007. A beautiful Indian princess. A custom outfit made by Grams. Along with her custom made Indian princess outfit she was sporting her first cold.

At just shy of six months old, she was full on miserable.

It's unbelievable to look back at these photos. Not only has Kate grown so much but our family dynamic has changed even more. I'm so glad we had these moments. These happier, easier times. But come Sunday when we're out there freezing our butts off, I'll be glad for those times too.

Oh and I should mention. Scott's hearing test got postponed. He's still got this head and chest cold. Attempting to assess hearing loss with a stuffy head is probably not a good idea. We spent the morning carving pumpkins instead. Way, way better time.

Reese  – (October 29, 2010 at 9:56 AM)  

I wonder what Dr. Freud would have to say about your slip. After I looked at it, I realized you meant to say assess instead of asses. I suppose with Scott's everpresence you just can't help but drop an asses or two every now and then.

Brandi  – (October 30, 2010 at 7:30 AM)  

Ha @ Reese! Didn't even catch that myself. That's what happens when you blog late. The things you really want to say have a way of coming out. :)

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