The Things I Love vol. 1

I think everyone has things in their life that they really love.
I'm not talking the big things. Not the husband, not the kids, not your friends, your house, your car or your job. Of course we all love those things and those things are very important but, I'm talking about the little things.

The things that make it so when you get some crappy news during the day you can still, at the end of the day, find a way to smile and say "eh, it's not so bad".

In no particular order here are a few of the things in my life that make me smile.

My kid asking her grandpa to turn her car seat box into an airplane.

She was the pilot her Pillow Pet her co-pilot. She would talk to the tower and land on runway 23456. I should have named her Amelia like I wanted.

Snacky Sundays. Get out all the snacks you have and eat with wild abandon.
All this food was for this past Sunday's Bears game. I should mention that this was for four adults and Kate.

Also included in the above photo was a new dip that I tried out. It's a must have for the football season. Go here and make it yourself. You'll be glad you did.

Beautiful 70degree temps in late October. So gorgeous that we got to play wearing t-shirts at the park.

A miscellaneous box of gourds that my Aunt Karen (aka Unc) sent. All dirty from their garden and smelling like fall.

Stem cell testing, DNA studies, and modern medicine. I can look into these beautiful eyes and know that she's safe from VEDS.

A card with a present just for me from an unexpected source.

Funny cards in the mail that make Scott smile.

Starbucks with a dear friend that starts off as a grumpfest about my crap Monday morning and ends with laughter, love and smiles.

A phone conversation with my Grams that makes me feel so loved it's like she's right here hugging me and not all the way in Texas.

These may be trivial things but they give me the strength I need so I can push through. When I hear the beginning of an upper respiratory problem for Scott or when I sense that time is moving too fast, these things bring me solace, comfort and slow me down just enough.
It's nice to have the little things.

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