And I'm out.

I'm sorry to report kids, all my creative juices got sucked out of me. I left them over at the other blog. I didn't mean to let you down. I know you came here to hear the big announcement, see the big unveiling. It will have to wait another day. It's that important to me.

I will tell you all about our trip to Rush. Saw Dr. Jacobs and PA Jen, and PA Nicole and Dr. Ben. Oh and we met a second year med student that asked me questions like I was the surgeon. Silly kid, I'm just a stay at home mom that can explain AVMs, AV fistulas and talk you through the proper way to dress a wound like Scott's.
I love med students. They are so much fun to mess with.
It was like one big family reunion. It was lovely.

Scott had a wonderful check up. We don't have to go back for three months, assuming Scott doesn't do anything creative between now and then. It was nice to leave there and really see how far Scott's come.
Scott still has his issues. His fatigue, weight loss, general overall well being is a lot worse than before. There is no doubt he's sick. He can't fake it for even a minute anymore.
But for the first time in ten months I don't feel like when the next aneurysm blows it will be fatal. I feel like the healing in his leg and the very recent increased appetite (thank you marinol) has given him a head start. It's given him a little bit of fight.

We'll take it and we'll make the most of it.

Never squandering the sunshine, never saying no to a few minutes of baseball, never forgetting to embrace life.

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