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The family is all snuggled in after what has been a rather long past two days. I'm curled up with my laptop, a bottle of water and a bad movie in the background. I was all prepared to write about the misadventures of Witt's when I heard it. Something, I was completely unprepared for. It took me by such surprise that I simply sat stunned with mouth hanging open.
It's done, it's over. I have officially heard my first Christmas song commercial jingle. you ruined my night.

Our dear friend Jay'me sent me an email today asking about some kind of cookie exchange gathering for all the WWW blog friends. A way for all of us to fill the holidays with as much love, warmth, friendship and family as possible. I'm loving the idea! We're going to be cooking up something. So stay tuned for details and start dusting off your best cookie recipes.
It won't be on the scale of this summersbash. But I promise a good time.

All this Christmas talk has me exhausted. I'm not ready... not just yet.

Lots of photos to share from Kate's first school friends party today. We both had a great time. You can see one of my "artsy" photos from the day on the other blog.

No circus tomorrow but maybe, if I get lucky, Kate and I'll get to fly in the morning. Crossing my fingers and toes. The fall sky is calling my name.

Peace out ya'll.

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