Polka dots and stripes?

My girl has mad style skills.
She's not afraid to go out and do what she wants to do.
Blaze trails, be her own person.

My girl just rocks it.

I love that about her.

I work really hard everyday to make sure she has the confidence she needs to pave her own road in this world. I know I've made mistakes (every parent does it's our given right) and I know that the mistakes I've made have made both she and I stronger.

When I see my RockStar at parties like I did today, I'm so immensely proud of her. She really is an amazing child. Even if she likes stripes and polka dots together.

*This outfit was not from today. These were taken on Thursday. Today's outfit included her pink sparkle tutu because "Princesses wear tutus to parties, Mom."*

Thanks to the S12 family for welcoming us to join in Brandon's 2nd birthday celebration. Sorry our visit ended so abruptly. We feel horribly that we didn't get in proper goodbyes with everyone. We had a wonderful time.

Colleen  – (November 15, 2010 at 8:25 PM)  

Love it! I crack up at some of the outfits that E puts together. So much fun!

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