Watch your mouth

I have a confession to make. This will not be news to those of you that know me in real life. Well, and really for the long time readers, this won't come as a shock either.
I have a sharp tongue. Like, really sharp.
I get short tempered and my words aren't always the nicest. I do watch my curse words around Kate but if she's not around the f-bomb abounds.
I'm especially guilty of this with Scott.
From the very beginning, Scott has had a knack for asking me questions at the worst possible time. Scott's life gift is his ability to find the five minutes that I can't be interrupted in a day and ask me ridiculous questions during that time. We joke about it often.
All the joking aside, when he does this I often get short and snap at him. Lately, I've been saying thinks like
"Why don't you just not worry about it?"
"It doesn't affect you, I'll deal with it how I see fit."

Tonight, I got a healthy reminder that I need to watch what I say. For one, Scott doesn't deserve for me to talk to him that way. For another when I hear Kate say "Daddy, why don't you just not worry about it." it breaks my heart.

She said those exact words to Scott tonight as she and I were cleaning up toys before going to bed. I immediately corrected her behavior, made her apologize and told her to go up to bed (we were headed there anyways). What I wanted to do was send myself to bed.
She got those words from me. She got that attitude, that please don't bother me, I know better than you, attitude from me. And that sucks. It sucks big time.

Lesson learned.

Here's a photo for Grammy and Papa. They've been traveling since Friday and I was instructed to provide a photo of Baby K's precious face having left them stranded with yesterdays post.

Drive safe coming home tomorrow. Give Uncle Jeffie and Aunt Bethie many, many hugs from us all.

Anonymous –   – (November 15, 2010 at 5:30 AM)  

Well, if you're feeling guilty about that I will share the quotes adam has picked up from me that I am not proud we go
1) I just need a break...give me a break
2) just calm down
3) knock it off
4) I'm getting a headache
5) exasperated sigh
So, you're not alone. They are sponges. They imitate everything. With my son asking for an apology won't work, I have to model my apology when I say these things and hope the sponge absorbs that part too. Do not be so hard on yourself.

Scott  – (November 15, 2010 at 1:46 PM)  

Been there B. Been there often. What's great is you recognize it and are big enough to admit it. That alone is inspiring to me. We're all human and we all fail. But you admit it. That's the difference. Thanks for sharing.

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