Busy, busy

We've gotten the holiday season kicked off.
Lots of things to share...

Thanksgiving was delicious. Lots of cooking, playing and hanging with the family.

The highlight of the meal... Kate and my homemade pies. The icing on the cake was the whiskey cream sauce. Oh good heavens! Make it, make it and pour it over everything.
We braved the stores on Black Friday as Mom and I have done so many years before.

We started late. My days of getting out the door before 6am just to shop are over.

We had a great time and got a few good deals and nobody had a meltdown.

A quick lunch to refuel.

Justin attempted to get himself banned from the family for putting ketchup on his hashbrowns. This is a criminal offense in our group.

It's a good thing Kate loves her Uncle otherwise...

Saturday was cleaning, more baking, more whiskey cream sauce and dinner at one of our favorite spots with Craig and Lindsey in from Florida along with Mark, Jay'me and Josh. Lots of visiting over dessert and coffee at our house after dinner.
It was great to hear all the tales of Scott's ... um... formative years. Some great stories with great company.

A reminder of all that we have to be grateful for.

Up North Amherdts!  – (November 29, 2010 at 7:34 AM)  

Loving Scott with the beard! Looking so good!
Also loved seeing that beautiful Jay'me Stevens horse canvas!
Love G

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