There has been much chaos in the Witt house. Weekends are normally pretty busy around here but for some reason this weekend just seems to have hit fever pitch.

Everyone is fine, well as fine as can be expected. It's just chaotic.

The chaos doesn't seem to phase Kate, it never has really.
She's just rolls with the punches and goes with the flow.

Yesterday at the birthday party, all the kids just went with the flow.

It seemed to me that the younger they were the better they adapted. The older kids had a harder time waiting. They wanted to know what was next and when it was going to be cake time.

The littles, just hung out and waited. Dancing when told to dance, bowling when told to bowl and eating when told to eat.

They played, they laughed and they caused mischief but they waited. Not worried so much about what was going to happen but what was happening now.

I love the innocence of a child. Let's turn off all the lights, make everything look strange and ask them to play. They go willingly.

Let's put them in costumes, paint their faces, tell them it's ok to talk to strangers just this once and they rally. Embracing the costumes, putting on their favorites and ignoring the scratching. They do it because they're told it is what's expected of them.

Succumbing to peer pressure, doing everything they can to be like the rest.

As we grow, this need to conform grows. We're tossed into a world where everything is about keeping up with the Smith's. We slowly lose our ability to adapt. Everything becomes structured, planned, and detailed. When we find our adult lives shifting, we look around to see what others have done. We don't just live in the moment we attempt to force the moment.

This post should just be a happy post. All these wonderful faces. So blissfully happy.

So naive. So willing.

We as adults need to look past the youth in these photos. We need to not see the brownie covered faces or the wild hair. We must instead try to see the knowledge in those eyes.

These kids get it, where we adults don't. It's not about the destination. It's about the journey. Stop forcing, start living. Take today, this moment for what it is.

I'm going to be working on that this week. I'm going to forgo dishes so I can play ponies one more time. Leaving the cobwebs in the corners for another moment of sunshine.

Let the youth guide us for a change. We might just like what happens.

Linda LeCroy –   – (November 9, 2010 at 8:16 PM)  

Beautifully said and done! You should be a writter, photographer, entertainer (for all those extravagant dinner getups!) You are definately a woman of admire with your many talents.

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