A Riddle

What happens when you unexpectedly bring Papa to a 3 year old Thanksgiving school party?

You play a game of Slap Hands.

Ok, so I'm not good with jokes. Sue me.

Dad and I went to Kate's school for a little Thanksgiving Feast today. What a blast.
The kids were so well behaved and the food was actually quite good. Had some great company chatting with a few of the other parents.

All the kids in K's class know that I come with camera in tow. Most of them like it.

A few of them tolerate it.

My kid.... well...not so much.

What a fun way to start the afternoon. Went home to a play date with Adam, Ryan and Auntie Alli. Those photo will be forth coming. And now Scott is hanging with his boys watching really bad, boy type movies.
The weekend is starting off right. Let's keep it rolling.

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