I'm making these right now for Kate's birthday brunch, happening this Sunday. I spent the afternoon getting things organized and that means I haven't gotten more than two seconds to be on the computer today.
Lots to say, lots to share. For tonight I will share a few of my favorite photos from the Easter archives.

My favorite and the only one from 2009 on this computer

A candid while we were stuffing our faces in 2010.

The entire family in 2010. I think this is the last family photo we have. That's really sad.

I was so stressed getting us ready that day. It was our first "big" outing since Scott's two month stay at Rush in 2010. I came home exhausted, overwhelmed and cranky. Good Lord, I wish I could have that back. I fucking miss him.

Enough messing around. Time to get back to the salt mines.

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