Thank you everyone for coming to my rescue with great ideas, website links, offers of assistance, etc. for Kate's birthday. I've got a few more ideas floating around my head. Nothing totally evolved just yet but it's moving forward. You all continue to support us even in the smallest of ways.

Kate and I are battling what seems like Round 12 of this cold bug. She's about as miserable as she was (health wise) the day before Scott died. Poor Junior Miss has a bright red nose again and sleeping... well, it's been a nightmare.
Such is life. Must work hard to get some extra sleep early.
Working on something fun for a cousin. Hopefully, I'll get to share it with everyone tomorrow.
Oh and I posted tonight over on the other blog. I'm so loving my new camera. Every time it's in my hands I think of Scott. I can hear his excitement and words of encouragement in my head. It makes me happy.

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